Company Overview

Established on the principles of integrity, reliability, quality and service, Liberty Logistics Consulting LLC is a leading global logistics consulting services firm that enables companies to significantly increase their competitive position by improving profits and customer service levels.


Headquartered in Oahu, Hawaii, our professional experience spans over 30 years in international logistics, supply chain strategy, distribution and material management. Liberty Logistics provides consulting services to retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, primarily within the Fashion Apparel and Retail Sectors.


Lee Ann Brusca
President, CEO

Lee Ann Brusca is the founding member of Liberty Logistics Consulting LLC. Her core competencies are international logistics, operations, and supply chain and distribution solutions. Her unequaled abilities for designing and implementing processes that increase revenue, reduce inefficiencies, and allow for peak operations across multiple divisions are assets to all involved.

Lee Ann Brusca’s background includes positions with various companies in Fashion Apparel, Consumer Brands Products, Chemical, Ocean Liner, Courier Service, and Freight Forwarding.